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Transports in Toulouse

The Tisséo network is made up of 3 types of transport in Toulouse : the subway, the bus, the tram.


There are 2 lines in Toulouse : line A ( Basso Cambo – Balma Gramont) and line B (Borderouge – Ramonville). These 2 lines work from 5 AM to midnight (1 AM the week end).
All the informations about subway lines in Toulouse
To get to our school Langue Onze Toulouse, 10 rue des arts, you can go down Esquirol Station (line A) or François Verdier Station (line B) and Carmes Station (line B).


There are 82 bus lines in Toulouse. They run during the night from 9:30 PM. To find your bus, click on this link
To come to the school, you can go down to the bus stop « Boulbonne » - bus lines : 2, 10, 14, 38, 78, 80.


There is one line of tram in Toulouse (Aéroconstellation – Palais de Justice)
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Rent a bike

If you wish to rent a bike in Toulouse, we advise you to go to La Maison du Vélo situated 12 Boulevard Bonrepos (close to the railway station).
You can rent one for 5€/week or 10€/month or 100€/year. A deposit of 250€ will be asked when you rent your bike.
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