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The TANDEM® International Network - Study Abroad - Language Vacations

Study Abroad - Language vacations

Learn languages where they are spoken
TANDEM® International, our network of quality language schools, proposes year-round immersion courses in English, German, Spanish, Italian and French:

Who is TANDEM® International?
There are TANDEM® Schools all over the world, united in TANDEM® International, an association of independent, quality language institutions in Europe and Southamerica, of further education. Some are large, some small, but they all share the same ideas of language teaching, respect the same quality standards and promote language exchanges with native speakers for a better linguistic and cultural immersion.

TANDEM® International is a member of WYSETC (World Youth Student & Educational Travel Confederation) and ALTO (Association of Language Travel Organisations).
What’s so special about the TANDEM® schools?
Well, for a start our highly qualified teachers offer you English, French, Italian, German and Spanish classes in small groups.
That’s not all, though: We’re independent schools. We do not believe in the ’one-method-fits-all’ philosophy of some franchises, therefore you can be assured that you will receive ’more than just language learning’: cultural programmes and contacts with locals are an essential part of our work.
TANDEM® Language Schools: more than "just" language learning
Once you have been to one of our 21 schools to learn English, French, Italian, German or Spanish, you will understand why our students come back again and again!
Our schools are almost all run by teachers so we offer an excellent standard of tuition as well as value for money. But most important, we are friendly and personal. We treat you as an individual, in the classroom, in your host family or local accommodation and in giving you as full a language learning experience as we can during your stay in our schools.

Book language courses online at TANDEM® Shop

With TANDEM® Shop choose among the language courses of our international language schools throughout the world and book online your courses at discounted prices in the most exciting destinations in Europe and America.

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