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Teaching Method and Levels

Our teaching methods

Small level groups with a maximum of 6 to12 participants in order to adapt the work individual needs, promote communication, interaction and team work and to encourage students to speak French.

A cross-cultural universe with students of different nationalities, diverse experiences while sharing the same desire to learn French and to discover French culture.

An experienced team of open-minded and attentive teachers easily adapting to the individual pace of each student by diversifying strategies in teaching French.

A friendly, mutually attentive atmosphere to allow each student to gain confidence in speaking French and increase assertiveness and fluidity in French

Courses exclusively held in French adapted to all levels even to beginners so as to really immerse and get familiar with today’s spoken French becoming rapidly autonomous.

A variety of communicative activities [1] giving each student the possibility of expressing himself in French by reapplying language tools, by multiplying situations, contexts and speakers in order to practice current French language.

A wide range of authentic resources [2] representing French everyday life are strategically adapted by the teachers to the respective level, group profile and objectives to achieve.

Regular assessment of the progress made in French. . Initial test, continuous and individualized assessments in class, monthly appraisals, and final exams are proposed to place you on the scale conceived by the Common Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) and precisely measure your progress in French.

Our objective:

To give you the opportunity to efficiently and spontaneously communicate in French according to the situation and the speakers involved.
Inspire motivation and arouse curiosity for the French language and culture.

The structure of language levels at Langue Onze Toulouse

At Langue Onze Toulouse the French levels are consistent with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFR).

The content of our French language courses have been elaborated with respect to the objectives proper to each level of the CEFR.

To get a full description by level: click here!

[1Short discussions/guided debates (canvas) about current events, presentations.
Jeux de rôles, création de pièces de théâtre, simulations.
Role plays, writing theatre plays, simulations.
Questionnaires, surveys, interviews, street interview.
Activities on phonetics : pronunciation / intonation

[2newspaper and magazine articles, advertisements, brochures, photos, comics, extracts from novels, poems,
Radio programs, songs; film extracts, video documentaries.
Resources and activities TICE (digital documents, internet sites, online quiz…)
Documents taken from different language manuals are also adapted and used to provide basic theoretical knowledge: grammar explanation sheets, grammar and vocabulary exercises.


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