Great school, wonderful teachers

Andrea Luntle 27 June 2017

J’ai passé six semaines à apprendre le français à Langue Onze Toulouse, de mars à mai 2017. Pour moi, c’était une experience extrêmement positive. Je conseillerais à des personnes, qui veulent améliorer leur français, de prendre des cours dans cette école. Les professeurs sont très sympas et patients, et les leçons sont super amusantes. Aussi, j’ai choisi d’ utiliser le service de logement de l’école. Ma famille d’acceuil était très agréable, c’était comme d’avoir un père et une mère à Toulouse! J’ai habité dans un studio, juxtaposé à ma famille d’acceuil. C’était une situation parfaite, parce que j’avais mon indépendance mais aussi l’opportunité de pratiquer mes nouveaux acquis de la langue française avec les locaux.

Langue Onze Toulouse

Gabriela Ble 9 June 2017

Langue Onze Toulouse was a great experience and I will miss it. They are great on what they propose, to teach French, by a professional and didactic way. Also by proposing extra classes experiences, inviting the students to have a complete immersion to French culture and language.
The teachers are kind and attentive to each student’s needs. The pedagogical direction is great as well and always available to listen to the students and propose individual solutions.

No doubt it is a school to be recommended!

Una buena experiencia

Sofía Benavidesle 25 May 2017

Hola! Estuve 7 semanas en la escuela Langue Onze en Toulouse y me gustó mucho mi experiencia en la escuela. La recomiendo por que los profesores se esfuerzan por hacer las clases dinámicas y para que realmente los alumnos aprendan francés. También me gustó que durante las clases se hablaran temas interesantes como la ecología, la cultura francesa, la tecnología. Mi experiencia en la escuela de Toulouse se enriqueció con las amistades que pude hacer con mis compañeros de clases de diferentes nacionalidades con los que disfrutamos conociendo la ciudad. ¡Toulouse es una ciudad muy bonita y es agradable vivir ahí!

Aprender con Langue Onze

Yared SLle 9 May 2017

Después de pasar 2 meses estudiando en la escuela Langue Onze, solo puedo agradecer al establecimiento y a todos los trabajadores, el esfuerzo por convertir esos dos meses en una experiencia increíble.
Al empezar, pensé que era imposible aprender un idioma en dos meses lo suficiente para poder comunicarte con cualquier persona, pero me equivocaba. Dos meses en Langue Onze han sido suficientes para poder tener conversaciones fluidas con franceses/as.
No solo las clases han sido geniales, sino que vivir en Toulouse y disfrutar de lo que ofrece con tus compañeros de clase es algo que no tiene precio.
Sin duda, recomiendo la experiencia vivida en Toulouse juntamente con lo aprendido en la escuela.

Time to share

Isabel MLle 10 April 2017

The experience at Langue Onze in Toulouse was fantastic. I was staying 7 weeks in total and started with A1 level and throughout time continuing with A2 level. Considering that I knew almost nothing about the French language I am very happy that by now I am able to have conversations and express myself. The teachers at Langue Onze are extremely engaging - the classes are interactive and the number of students in the class is perfect to learn together. Each class is themed by a topic of vocabs together with grammar exercises, interactive games, reading, producing written and oral exercises in small groups or as an entire class. The school itself is very organized and it is very easy to communicate and discuss the learning process with the teachers. I did not take part in the afternoon cultural activities. Overall the classes are very heavily focused on communication skills rather than writing. However there is always the opportunity to produce something written at home. The teachers will gladly look over your work and discuss it with you. Langue Onze is definitely worth recommending, I will return myself once I can.

Amusant et Interactive!

Zara Malonele 29 March 2017

I recently studied 2 weeks of intensive beginners lessons at Langue Onze. My teacher was brilliant, on the very first day she got us to push all the tables to the sides of the walls and to stand in the middle of the room, we threw a hacky sack around and started by learning everyones name. She spoke in French the entire time and encouraged us to do the same, it wasn’t daunting & you gradually picked things up. Classes were varied and engaging, so you easily stay focussed, I never wanted them to end and never looked at the clock. My teacher was friendly, patient, adaptable and intuitive. She pushed us to our individual levels and connected us as a social group too. I learnt quite alot but you need longer than 2 weeks to get rolling, I suggest at least a month. I will be back when I can afford it! Brilliant all round positive experience...

Langue Onze - C`est chouette!

C.le 27 March 2017

Je suis allé à l`école Langue Onze depuis 3 semaines. Cette école est le vrai choix à Toulouse pour apprendre français. Maintenant j`enregistre un progrès important que m`aide dans ma profession. Les sujets de l`école ont été diversifiés et les après-midis il y a eu des activités communes pour les étudiants. Je remercie tous mes professeurs compétents et serviables. Et je salue mes camarades formidables :)

Améliorer le français

s.kimle 16 March 2017

I’m in the moment of studying French here in Langue Onze. Everything goes well around me in school and Toulouse. The teachers are kind and good at helping students advance there French. Students with whom I get along with are very nice, too. I’m satisfied with my choice to come here to study French and experience French culture.

siete meses en una escuela de francés

Davidle 12 March 2017

Cuando llegué a Francia lo hice con el objetivo de aprender un idioma del cual no tenía alguna idea, llegué a la escuela con un nivel que yo llamaría A0 ya que escasamente podía pronunciar las típicas palabras clichés que aprendemos al ver una película... (Baguette, Bonjour, Fromage...) Para ser franco creí que la hazaña sería imposible de realizar ¿Cómo era posible aprender un idioma en tan sólo siete meses? debo admitir que jamás lo lograría pero gracias a Langue onze la experiencia fue grata, los profesores son muy amables y pacientes y también están dispuestos a ayudarte en cualquier cosa que necesites. recomiendo mucho la escuela sobre todo para estadías largas ya que se puede aprovechar de todo lo que Toulouse ofrece... estoy muy agradecido por la experiencia que ha sido muy satisfactoria.

Una experiencia positiva.

Zihara O.le 24 January 2017

"Langue Onze" cuenta con un profesorado competente y muy cercano, interesado en adaptarse a las necesidades de cada alumno en todo momento.En cuanto al alojamiento, el trato recibido por parte de la familia ha sido inmejorable, sintiéndome como en casa en todo momento.

Mi estancia en Toulouse haya sido una experiencia formidable!

Uma experiência incrível em Francês

Emanuelle Palmale 8 December 2016

Estou morando nas proximidades de Toulouse e frequentando a cidade, assim como a escola Langueonze desde maio deste ano e tem sido uma experiência incrível. Assim como a rapidez com que aprendi o francês, fazendo um curso intensivo e conhecendo os habitantes da cidade.
Quando cheguei na França, eu não sabia falar nada além de "oui" e "bonjour", agora consigo entender as conversas, os filmes, programas de TV e também consigo me comunicar bem. Além de conhecer uma Cultura muito diferente da qual eu estava acostumada e conhecer lugares lindos. Aqui cada rua ou cada estrada é encantadora.
Os professores e toda a equipe do curso são muito atenciosos e estão sempre fazendo o seu melhor para que a estadia aqui seja muito boa. Eu recomendo essa experiência para todos, desde as pessoas que desejam apenas aprender a língua francesa ou até mesmo as pessoas que estão de férias e querem uma experiência diferente.

Langue Onze – A High Quality French Language School

Samle 18 August 2016

I spent 3 months attending classes at this centrally located language school in Toulouse, and progressed from A2 to B2 level. Toulouse is a lovely bright French city, with plenty of cultural (and non cultural activities) available to occupy your time.
Organised through Langue Onze, I stayed with a French family, who were very kind and opened my eyes to a French way of life. The school also organised visits to various nearby places of interest, sports and extracurricular activities. I particularly valued the language exchange program, where I was allocated a French student, with whom I practiced my French.
During my stay, I was taught by several teachers, all of whom impressed me. The classes were varied, interesting, engaging and interactive – nothing like French lessons I endured when I was at school. We watched videos, listened to songs, read articles, played games and discussed issues of the day. All these classroom activities, both as individuals and in groups, focussed us on key areas of French grammar and vocabulary.
Overall, I was very satisfied with my stay in Toulouse. Langue Onze school helped me achieve my language goals in a very enjoyable manner. The teachers are all very talented and supportive, and really brought out the best in their students, whatever their ability.
It’s a place where language learning is as painless as it is ever going to get.


Bob Raberle 18 July 2016

I spent three weeks at LangueOnze and took the Intensive Plus (level B2) course. I also signed up for a stay with a family arranged by the school. I was very pleased with Toulouse as a city, with the school as an educational environment, and with the family I stayed with. The city itself is lovely and very accessible with a wide range of cultural sites and restaurant options. The school and its administrative staff and educational staff are very organized and accommodating. If you have a problem of any sort they really try to help. The classes are well planned and the work you do within those classes is varied and interesting. This is important as there are 4 hours of class in the morning and supplementary times in the afternoon for the Intensive Plus course. You have to be prepared to concentrate and do the work seriously(there is also some homework), but the classes are not overcrowded and the learning environment is rigorous but the atmosphere relaxed. I am over 70 and asked for a family stay with a mature couple. I had a lovely room and they were exceptionally pleasant people. We easily spent our breakfasts and dinners together and anything learned during the day at school could be put to use in those conversations. The school can arrange for a residential stay that is within walking distance of the school. I can recommend LangueOnze , the residential accommodations, and Toulouse without hesitation.

Learning French

Welmoed van Hoogenle 31 May 2016

I just returned back home after spending 3,5 months at Langueonze Toulouse, and it has been a great experience! I was at the same school six years ago, and based on the previous stay I decided to come back, which turned out to be a great choice. The school is nicely located in the old centre of Toulouse, has good housing options, and both the teachers and the curriculum are excellent. Throughout my whole stay the teachers and supporting staff have been extremely accomodating, helpful, caring and professional. There is a lot of attention for each individual student, with a focus on finding the right group for each student which enables you to develop your competencies at a fitting rate. The curriculum has very versatile topics making every week a new experience. Although quite intens, the Delf preparation course has also really helped me to develop the skills necessary to enter the exam with confidence. I would recommend this school to everyone who wants to learn french in the setting of a vibrant city and culture!

12 semaines à Langue 11

Saraile 26 April 2016

Je viens de finir mon stage de douze semaines dans l’école et il n’y a que MERCI pour tous les acquis et l’amour. Je suis arrivé avec un objectif "aprendre la langue française" et je suis sûre que j’ai pris plus que cela. Tout l’équipe humaine qui forme l’école est de première qualité et l’infrastructure et localisation sont vraiment top. Mais LangueOnze ce n’est pas qu’un école, c’est aussi une ambiance familiale, puisque on partage des merveilleux moments avec des amis de tout le monde. Trois mois de cours superintensif, est parfois dur, mais avec le cours extensif de Nadine on prend encore des énergies. En tout cas s’il y une chose à recommander ça serait de donner plus d’heures de cours de phonétique. Alors, je vous recommande avec certitude d’étudier à LangueOnze. Merci à tous pour tout le courage pendant cette incroyable expérience.

Perfect place to study french

Josi Mle 25 March 2016

I stayed at Langue Onze for 3 weeks and enjoyed it very much.
The school is in a perfect location in the city centre and the ambience is very nice. The
school is equipped with newest technology (E-Learning, free wifi in alle rooms, data projection & videos etc.).
The teachers are qualified, modern and very friendly. From the beginning of my stay, the whole team
supported me (for example with a workshop for pratical hints concerning the life in Toulouse) and answered to all my questions. Also the offering of cultural activities, even at the weekends, was various and affordable. The groups in class are quiet small and familiar, which was a big advantage to learn personalized and in small groups. I especially liked the divers methods of teaching, from group works to roleplays or the usage of modern media etc, and the focus was on empowerment to practice orally without any fears.
I highly recommend the Langue Onze - for french-beginners and also for advanced or special studies.
I will surely come back and Im looking forward to it!

Learning French a Toulouse

Verbenale 13 March 2016

Studying French at Langue Onze was definitely an enreaching experience. The teachers are all very professional and supportive. I arrived not being able to say a world and after six weeks I could make sentences and have short conversation with people! The course is well balanced with time for comprehension, expression and written production during a variety of funny activities with practical daily living utility.
The school also organize several activities after the classes to get to know better Toulouse and the cultural life of the city and to allow the student to socialize and practice the language.
The worshop "e-learning" allowed me to work specifically on the thins I struggled the most and the teacher also provided me very useful vocabulary for medical profession.
I definitely recommend "Langue Onze" for a full immersion in French. Toulouse as well is a beutiful city with friendly people!

Français toute la journée

Rosa I.le 10 March 2016

Je suis allée à Langue Onze seulement deux semaines et pendant ce temps, j’ai pu voir que le personnel de l’école est toujours en disposition de t’aider et que les professeurs et les classes sont très dynamiques et motivantes. Au cours de ces deux semaines, j,ai appris en peu plus de la grammaire, la culture générale et la politique en France.
Je suis très heureuse d’avoir choisi Toulouse "la ville rose" et l’école Langue Onze, je le recommande énormément.

Mi paso por Langue Onze

Pilarle 9 March 2016

Después de 7 meses estudiando francés me siento muy satisfecha de haber alcanzado mis objetivos; y gran parte de ese logro ha sido alcanzado con el apoyo y la disposición de Langue Onze como escuela, brindandome asesoría y acompañamiento en este proceso.
La metodología propuesta alcanza y sobrepasa las expectativas, los profesores permiten crear durante la clase un ambiente cálido de confianza que se utilíza como apoyo para aprender, equivocarse y volver a aprender día a día.
Hoy termino mi proceso muy contenta y con la seguridad que hice una magnífica inversión de tiempo y dinero que hoy veo reflejada en la habilidad para comunicarme en francés.

Erfahrungsbericht Erasmus Toulouse

Helena Reiningle 8 March 2016

Ich habe an dem Projekt Erasmus Plus teilgenommen und habe für 6 Monate in Toulouse gelebt und gearbeitet. Das Arbeitsklima in Toulouse ist sehr angenehm, hier gilt schließlich die 36 Stunden Woche. Auch die Stadt an sich hat mir sehr gut gefallen. Es gibt überall unzählige kleine Cafés die mit leckerem Kuchen und Snacks locken. Vielleicht gut zu wissen ist, dass es in Toulouse im Unterschied zu Deutschland etwas teurer ist von den Preisen für Lebensmittel. Die Sprachschule Langue Onze ist sehr zentral gelegen und einfach zu finden. Der Sprachkurs ist auf euer Niveau zugeschnitten sodass ihr weder unter noch überfordert seid. Die Organisation der Praktika erwies sich als problematisch, teils können lange Wartezeiten aufkommen bis man einen Arbeitsplatz hat. Allgemein kann man aber sagen, dass es sich definitiv lohnt noch Toulouse zu gehen denn es ist eine junge lebendige Stadt und es gibt immer etwas zu erleben.

Mon expérience à Toulouse a été magnifique!

Matteo S.le 6 May 2015

J’ai appris vraiment beaucoup des choses pour utiliser la française tous les jours au travail.
Cette expérience a été basilaire pour avoir mon nouvel emploi! Et, pas moins important, j’ai connu beaucoup de nouveaux mais!
Je crois que je retournerai à Toulouse l’année prochaine pour améliorer mon français.

Excellent teaching, great host families

Penny, leader of a school grouple 13 April 2015

I have just returned from a language study trip to Toulouse with a group of 15 and 16 year olds. This is the second time we have used Langue Onze, and I knew I could trust them to deliver just the right linguistic and cultural experiences for our students. The teaching was consistently excellent, and the activities programme was fun and diverse; just right for the group. We were, again, delighted with the welcome and kindness shown by the host families. I would 100% recommend Langue Onze to anyone considering organising a study trip to France. Toulouse is a beautiful, beautiful city too, and we loved our trip to Carcassonne. A big thank you to the Langue Onze team!

Excelente escuela

Fernandole 5 February 2015

He tenido la mejor de las suertes al encontrar esta escuela, muy bien ubicada geograficamente, cerca del centro de la ciudad, se puede llegar a pie o en metro. Los profesores increibles, tienen muy buenas tecnicas para enzeñar el idioma, todo el presonal es muy agradable, atento y presto a ayudar en caso de cualquier eventualidad.

Recomiendo Langue Onze con los ojos cerrados. Ha cumplido completamente con mis espectativas.

Beautiful Langueonze

saad albalawile 5 February 2015

I started studying at Langueonze Toulouse since nov2014. The teaching methods are fantastic and interesting . They give a lot of homeworks to follow up., Many activities that langueonze organizes..the teachers are always smiling and helpful
Toulouse is a lovely city which has alot of students from all over the world

I highly recommend loangueonze

C’est magnifique!

Amer S.le 4 February 2015

Throughout the time I spent in Langue onze I found that the school is excellent. The staff is friendly and helpful, the teachers are likewise very friendly, and try their best to deliver the informations.

I found myself improving day after day. In the class they focus on the oral skills as well as the grammer and other skills, in a fun and interactive way.

Moreover, there is the class of phonetique which is very useful, in this weekly class we focus on the pronounciation, which is very important and tricky!

There are plenty of useful activities and resources, which are available for all the students. You can participate in different classes such as the culture class, you can borrow a range of books and movies, you can participate in visits to the beautiful arractions in and around Toulouse, and you can also participate in the Tandon program.

I started from zero, and I have been in the school for three months and I am happy to continue the course here for the rest of the year.

All in all, the school is highly recommended.

Bonne chance!!!

Experience at Langue Onze

S.bluwile 30 January 2015

I completed 3 months at langue onze today, and have reached the end of Level A2 which was a great experience, I enjoyed the classes and the afternoon activities, and most importantly the phonetics class which was very challenging at first.

All the teachers treated us with lots of respect, and they are willing to help at all times.

I highly recommend it

Enormément recommandé :)

Samantha Rle 27 January 2015

Je trouve que langue onze c’est une très bonne école ou tu peux apprendre vite le français et faire des progrès constamment. Le personnel de l’école est très amical et toujours en disposition de t’aider. Les cours sont amusantes et dynamiques, et une de les meilleurs parties de cette expérience c’est de rencontrer nouvelles personnes et faire des amitiés. De la même façon, Toulouse est une ville très agréable pour passer ton séjour. Je le recommande énormément :)

Frances Integral

Gina Paolale 27 January 2015

Llegé hace aproximadamente 3 meses a Toulouse para estudiar el francés en Langue Onze, y lo unico que puedo decir son cosas buenas: Mi experiencia ha sido maravillosa e increible!!! La calidad en la enseñanza del idioma es excelente; los profesores y todo el equipo de trabajo de Langue Onze, cuentan con una calidéz humana indescriptible... encuentro que es completamente acogedor. Asimismo, he tenido mucha suerte al encontrar una anfitriona tan acogedora y amorosa, pues me ha incluido en muchas de sus actividades de la vida cotidiana. (Gracias a Veronique quien fue la clave para encontrar este sitio para mi).
Y bueno.... Porsupuesto Toulouse me ha cautivado por completo, pues es una ciudad increible, llena de magia, de historia, de gente agradable, de musica; de colores... El intercambio cultural es amplio y muy diverso, y me ha permitido conocer a muchas personas con las que he compartido momentos increibles: al lado de La Garonne, del Canal du Midi, museos; parques, puentes, plazas... etc
Je suis vraiment heureuse d’être arrivée à Langue Onze Toulouse pour apprendre le français et jusqu’à ce moment, je trouve que ça a été une expérience incroyable!!!!! Je vous invite certainement à apprendre non seulement le français mais aussi la vie Toulousaine!!!

Animate a estudiar un idioma

Diana Carolina Herrerale 27 January 2015

hace tres meses llegué a Toulouse para estudiar Francés en el colegio Langueonze y puedo decir que: Cuenta con instalaciones adecuadas y muy comfortables para los estudiantes, la metodologia es excelente ; pues motivan cada dia al estudiantes a querer aprender mas, en cuanto a los profesores es importante resaltar su preparacion para cada una de las clases y el diverso material que ofrecen a los estudiantes para aprender el idioma,

Otro aspecto interesante es el contacto que brindan con la familia de acogida; que le permite al estudiante integrarse a la comunidad francesa; asi mismo el colegio realiza diversas actividades culturales en las tardes que permiten al estudiante conocer nuevas personas y hermosos lugares en la ciudad de Toulouse.

my staying in Toulouse

fatima hassanle 26 January 2015

I started studying in Langue Onze Toulouse since September 2014 and Im planning to continue studying there . The whole staffs in this school are professionals, enthusiastics, very helpful and sympathetic. They helped me to find the accommodation that I admire. They helped me to build up my confidence in communicating with others in French language although i was completely ignorant in French when i arrived. Toulouse city is very beautiful , magnificent , historic and very friendly city. lots of students from different countries are living in Toulouse , its multicultural city. So far im intending to stay in Toulouse to continue my study if i could find a job her. i love this city.

Une experience à faire!

Jacopole 26 January 2015

Peu importe si vous êtes en train d’apprendre le français pour votre travail ou simplement pour loisir, ce que conte vraiment c’est comment vous aller le faire. Ici vous n’irez pas étudier seulement mais vivrez cette langue 24 heures sur 24, avec des professeurs qui sauront vous aider dans la meilleure façon. Je suis arrivé à Langue Onze Toulouse il y a presque trois mois et en vivant jour par jour à Toulouse j’ai remarqué tous les progrès que j’ai fait jusqu’ici.

Quality Instruction, Caring Professors

Danielle H.le 22 January 2015

I completed 21 weeks of intensive French classes at LangueOnze. At first, I started in a language level that wasn’t challenging enough, but my professors recognized my frustration and moved me up. They were attentive to my needs and allowed me to accelerate my learning. I started in A2 and finished in C1.

Everyone from the receptionist to the director treated me with respect as an adult. I also appreciated the flexibility to take time away from school when I needed to.

If I had more time, I would have loved to join in for the many activities that the school organizes, but I did take advantage of the resources and extra tutoring that are offered free to students.

I highly recommend LangueOnze.


Cansu B.le 22 January 2015

J’y etais pour 4 semaines mais c’était tres utile pour moi d’améliorer mon français grâce aux professuers. C’est une parfaite école pour apprendre le français!

An example of very good teaching

Graham E.le 22 January 2015

I’ve just come back to Australia after a three week course at Langue Onze. My French is basic, I was in A2 class. I spent all my professional career as a teacher, first with small children, then adolescents and then for nearly thirty years with adults training to be teachers. So I feel confident in judging whether people can teach well. I found Langue Onze well orgainised and the people who taught me were very good. I came away much more confident about my French and highly enthused to keep practising it. I want to be better at ir. ’Leave them wanting more’ is a show business addage but it is also a sign of good teaching. I want more, please.

Three Times!

Randall C.le 9 October 2014

I’ve studied three times at Lange Onze Toulouse, and I plan to do it again! I love the city, the region, the school, and my genial hosts! As a retired teacher, I appreciate the quality of instruction, which strikes the right balance between conversation and grammar, between the language of Molière and the francophone world of today.

Fantastic french course in Toulouse

Will G.le 11 December 2013

I spent four weeks at Langue Onze. The teaching was fantastic - enthusiastic, interesting and interested teachers, lots of cultural events if you wanted them, and all in the beautiful city of Toulouse. I can’t recommend the school highly enough.


Erin W.le 25 November 2013

Récemment j’ai passé 3 semaines à “Langue Onze” (Toulouse) où, avec mon mari, j’ai suivi un cours ‘intensif plus’ (niveau B2). J’ai été très satisfaite de cette expérience. Les professeures étaient très expérimentées et motivantes nous donnant beaucoup de textes intéressants. J’ai pu raffiner plusieurs questions de grammaire et mieux apprécier les coutumes et la politique actuelle de la France ainsi que son histoire. De plus, les étudiants venus des 4 coins du monde étaient très sympathiques et, malgré notre grande différence d’âge (j’ai 71 ans), j’ai bien communiqué avec eux. Dans ma classe (environ 8-10 élèves) chaque étudiant(e) était bien encadré(e). L’équipe administrative était également compétente et agréable nous offrant de nombreuses opportunités de converser avec elle en français. Avec mon mari, j’ai logé chez un couple français qui a été extrêmement serviable et avec qui nous avons pu pratiquer notre français le soir et le weekend. Ce logement était organisé par l’école. Leur maison se trouvait dans un quartier agréable entre le canal de Brienne et le fleuve majestueux, la Garonne. De temps en temps nous nous sommes promenés le long de ce fleuve pour aller à l’école située dans un quartier chic au centre ville. Très proche de l’école se trouve le superbe musée des Augustins. Nous n’avons pas eu assez de temps pour bien explorer tous les musées, galléries et sites historiques de cette belle ville fascinante. Une autre fois, peut-être. Certes, Toulouse porte bien son nom, »la ville rose ».
Je recommande très vivement « Langue Onze ». C’est parfait pour les étudiant(e)s de tous pays, de tous niveaux et de tous âges.

Sehr guter Kurs

Kathrin W.le 8 October 2013

Ich habe zwei Wochen an einem B1-Kurs teilgenommen und war sehr zufrieden. Die Lehrerin hat den Kurs sehr abwechslungsreich gestaltet, es gab einen guten Mix aus Grammatik, Vokabular und Sprachübungen. Uns ist nie langweilig geworden, die Stimmung war gut und ich habe viel gelernt. Meine Lehrerin, Myrthe, empfehle ich wärmstens

Langue Onze - c’est fantastique!

Yung-ming M.le 17 September 2013

Really good school. very precise about pronounication. would highly recommend Langue Onze!


Melysa H.le 18 July 2013

Lo mejor de todo fue darme cuenta que en 20 dias de clase dan la misma materia que en cualquier escuela oficial de idiomas espanola en un curso entero!!! El personal es muy muy amable, ante cualquier duda o problema te ayudan a encontrarle solucion. Una experiencia que repetir cada vez que pueda.

Muy bien, recomendable

Clara S.le 10 July 2013

La escuela está muy bien situada, en el centro de la ciudad y cerca de las dos líneas de metro. Las instalaciones están también bastante bien, y todos los trabajadores de la escuela son muy amables y están disponibles para todo. Una vez al mes se hacen exámenes de nivel para comprobar que las clases están correctamente divididas, además de la posibilidad de un examen final para el estudiante. Además, la primera semana explican todo lo relacionado con la ciudad, te dan varios planos, te ayudan a conseguir la tarjeta de metro... Mi única queja es que el programa tandem no está disponible en verano...

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