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Learn french in France, comme to the pink city !

As the commercial capital of south-western France and the gateway to the whole Midi-Pyrénées region, Toulouse offers you the perfect setting to learn French and to immerse yourself in the French language and culture!
Now 4th city of France with a population of 445.000 inhabitants growing constantly, Toulouse offers the perfect balance.
The city keeps a spirit of « small town » with a rich cultural and historic heritage and its authentic « art of living », offering as well the energy of a big European city, creative, expansive and innovative.

Toulouse cosmopolite, Toulouse student city

Toulouse is the 2nd student french town after Paris, it welcomes some 140.000 students coming from Europe and from all over the world to study in public universities and renowned Grandes Ecoles known for :

Toulouse, welcoming city and easy to live

Toulouse, city of knowledge and industry

Historically pioneer concerning research and innovation, Toulouse became the center of the aeronautic and spatial industry, the biotechnology, the research and of the developement of high technology.

Toulouse, Capital of Midi-Pyrénées region

Front door to the Midi-Pyrénées region (the largest region of France), Toulouse has the perfect location : half way between the Atlantic Ocean, the Pyreneans and the Mediteranean coast ! The pink city will then be the ideal starting point to organize your week ends and excursions to the mountain, to the sea or to the historical villages and places classified of the region.

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