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Label French Foreign Language Quality

Choose a French Language school committed to a continuous improvement of its French courses quality and services.

The Label “French Foreign Language Quality”

Our French language school in France in Toulouse has obtained in 2009 the Label “French Foreign Language Quality” awarded by the French government through its 3 ministries: Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the Ministry of Culture and Communications, and the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.
This label delivered to centres specialized in teaching French as a Foreign Language officially recognize the quality of:

We are very proud to inform you that in 2013, the French government renewed its confidence in our work and delivered us the new label with an additional star for the quality of our management.

Other accreditations and professional recognition

Our French language school is also an accredited member of:

Moreover, we are recognized by the Swedish government as a qualified language training centre for CSN grantholders and we offer Bildungsurlaub courses accredited by all the German Länder.

Our priority… the satisfaction of our students in French and the personalized attention provided

Our commitment to the continuous improvement of quality standards also extends to the internal assessment of our students satisfaction concerning our French courses.
All our learners are asked to fill in a satisfaction questionnaire to assess the quality of:

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