1. Terms and conditions for our French Courses
  2. Application form
  3. Course registration

Terms and conditions for our French Courses in France at Langue Onze Toulouse

1 - How to register for a French course

Minimum age to enrol in the adult group courses: 17

1a. To reserve your French course and accommodation in Toulouse, please

1b. Upon receipt of the application form and deposit, your registration will be definitively confirmed in writing by email (or by fax or post if required).
If you have requested housing, the address of your accommodation in Toulouse will be sent to you by email (or by fax or post if required).
If you need to apply for a visa to travel to France, an “Invitation letter” (Attestation of enrolment + accommodation if requested) will also be sent to you by email at this time, and by post or DHL (additional fees) to submit your visa application.

1c. You can fill in online our French placement test directly after your online registration or we will send you a reminder by email. Then, our Director of studies will contact you by email with your level assessment according to the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).
On the first day of your course, the teacher will assess in class your oral level and confirm your placement.

2 - Terms of payment

2a. Registration fee
A registration fee of 70 € is required for all courses.

2b. Accommodation search service fee
If you are requesting accommodation, you will be charged an accommodation search service fee of 60 € (80€ from 21 weeks registration)

2c. Payment due date
The full payment of the course, the registration and accommodation search fees (if requesting accommodation) must be made no later than the 2nd day of your course. The deposit paid is deducted from the balance to be paid. You have also the possibility to proceed to the full payment of your course (and accommodation if requested) before starting your course.

2d. Payment methods
The deposit or the full amount due can be paid in the following ways:

Bank Information
To: Langue Onze Toulouse (L.O.T. SARL)
10 rue des Arts
31000 Toulouse - France
Code IBAN (International transfers): FR7642559000212100811970868
Swift code: CCOPFRPP
Bank Address: 6 rue Raymond IV, F-31009 Toulouse Cedex 6 – FRANCE
Whatever form of payment you choose, you are responsible for all bank service fees and charges.

3 - Cancellation policy for French courses

3a. Cancellation requests must be made in writing. You may delay your course for up to one year.

3b. If you cancel your French course:


3c. No refund will be given if you start your course later than scheduled or leave before the end of the session.

3d. Langue Onze Toulouse reserves the right to cancel any scheduled group course, or to convert it into individual or a mini group (2-5 persons) course of equivalent value if the number of students enrolled in the course is less than the required minimum (6 people).

In case of conversion, the initial price is maintained and the hourly volume is recalculated as follows:
- 1 student enrolled: 1h30 / day; 7h30 per week
- 2 to 3 students enrolled: 2h30 / day; 12h30 per week
- 4 to 5 students enrolled: 3h / day; 15h per week

3f. In case of cancellation by Langue Onze Toulouse, the fees for the unused portion of the course will be refunded.

NB: The cancellation policy described above are also valid for underage students (including the Summer junior study-abroad program).

4 – French class schedule & attendance

4a. The hours of the French group courses are not subject to change in response to the requirements of individual students, and will be modified by the school only in exceptional circumstances.

4b. For students electing private tutoring, French individual hours are scheduled in accordance with the availability of both student and teacher.

4c. Students are requested to arrive on time for class and private lessons, and to inform the school (by phone or email) as soon as possible in the case of illness or other unavoidable absence.

4d. Missed private (Individual) hours may be made up at a later date if the student informs the school of his or her absence by phone or email at least 24 hours (2 working days) before the scheduled hour of the course. Absences with less than 24 hours notice will not be rescheduled nor reimbursed.

4e. The school is closed on French public holidays. There are no refunds for missed class time due to holidays. Group hours will not be made up but Individual hours will be rescheduled.

5 – Insurance and civil liability

5a. Students at Langue Onze Toulouse are insured against accidents while in the school premises or during the outside activities organized by Langue Onze Toulouse. The school assumes no responsibility for accidents occurring outside the school or for theft or loss of personal belongings while in our premises or in the accommodation reserved by the school.

5b. Students should be enrolled in a medical insurance policy in their home countries. To guarantee coverage in case of sudden illness or other medical emergency, we recommend you bring an official attestation or other proof of current medical insurance with you to Toulouse.
For citizens of the EC (European Community) can obtain medical care in France by presenting their national health card. If you are not an European citizen, please contact your insurance provider to guarantee the extent and conditions of your health coverage while travelling abroad.

5c. We recommend you also take out travel insurance, to protect yourself in the following cases: Trip Cancellation & Interruption - Medical Expenses - Baggage & Personal Belongings - Baggage Delay - Travel Delay - Emergency Evacuation/Repatriation.

6 - Accommodation service

6a - The reservation of an accommodation by the school is only possible for participants enrolled in an Intensive course (Intensive, Intensive Plus, Super Intensive, French + cooking or enology), Combined course, junior or school groups, French teacher training.

6b. Rent should be paid directly to your host on the day of your arrival, except for minors and visa applicants.

7 - French course fees include