1. Obtaining a Visa
  2. Residence Permit
  3. International Student ID
  4. Insurance
  5. Banking in France

French courses in Toulouse: Banking in France

All students will need access to liquid funds during their visit to Toulouse, to pay for meals, transportation, and incidental items. We recommend that you bring a bank debit or credit card belonging one of the international networks (Plus, etc.) and that you request from your bank a secret code of 4 digits in length. This will allow you to withdraw Euros directly from any number of banks and automated teller machines in Toulouse, normally at the actual daily exchange rate. The fees for this service vary depending upon the bank, but usually do not exceed 2 € per transaction on the part of the French banks. Students should inform themselves of the conditions imposed by their home bank.
Students planning a long term stay in Toulouse will probably wish to open a bank account in France. Langue Onze staff will assist you with this process if necessary, and also in cases where students are having difficulty accessing their funds abroad.

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