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The TANDEM® Network - Language exchange Partnerships

TANDEM® Language exchange Partnerships:

For people who want to study languages in a different way.
TANDEM® means the opportunity to meet another person for conversation exchange while taking a language course, as well as discover the real Toulouse with your partner’s help.

Conversation exchange + French language course

For students registered in our French courses (for a minimum of 4 weeks), Langue Onze Toulouse offers the Tandem® Language exchange service.
Langue Onze Toulouse can put you in contact with a local French speaker who is learning your language so that you can help each other to improve in the other’s language. This system of exchange allows you to discover more about French culture, and at the same time to practice what you learn in class.
Tandem® service is free of charge for all students attending French courses at Langue Onze Toulouse and residents of Toulouse.

Conditions required for the organization of your Tandem® partnership

Note: as this service is subject to the availability of our French Tandem partners and the matching of individual schedules, but also to the compatibility of students’ and partners’ profile and language expectations, ... the sooner you pre-register this service, the better we will be able to organize your Tandem® exchange.

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