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Our French courses

To correspond to your objectives and the time you have available for your course, we propose you a variety of formulas, adapted to your individual requirements.

Junior French summer course – all inclusive package

French Course for School groups or University groups

General French courses

Intensive French 23 lessons

’Intensive Plus’ French 27 lessons

Long Term Course -General French

Super Intensive French 32 lessons

Combined General French-23+4 lessons

Evening Extensive French
12 weeks-48H

Afternoon Extensive French
12 Weeks-48H

Individual or semi-private French course


French courses for Exam and Academic purposes

DELF B2 French Exam Preparation

All French exams preparations

French Long Term Course - Academic purposes


Professional and Specific French courses

Combined Professional French 23+6 lessons

French Teacher Training

Individual course-Specific French


French + Culture

’Intensive Plus’ French 27 lessons

French course + cooking

French course + Oenology